Friday, November 22, 2013

Making Paige's pages accessible. A Dummie begins

My God, this is hard.  I just became aware of ChromeVox two days ago.   This is a link to a developer who is blind.  This post has info on Chrome Vox.  It is so much more "accessible" to a dummie like me than J.A.W.S. screen reader.

I am attempting to create a page for a  student of mine.  She has no speech, is wheelchair bound, tube fed, and brilliant.  Hey, if I don't do it, who will?  She has been going to school for 12 years, and has no Augmentative Alternative Communication device because she is so...involved. Did I mention she is cortically blind?  So...the only thing that really works for her without involvement is her ears.  The ears have it.  If she could tell what she knows, I'm sure we'd all be gobsmacked!!!

o this is a start.  I am "keeping notes".  If you happen across here and can help...please let me know, leave a link in the comments.  No money, just my undying love and respect.  FOREVER.  I have taken ONE CLASS in HTML5.  Whoopee!

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